Where are the wines sourced?

Wines are sourced from a curated list of European based merchants that we select based on professionalism, reputation and trust

Is availability of wines guaranteed?

Yes, of course, all wines on sale are reserved with our partners throughout the duration of the sale

When can I expect delivery ?

Wines are usually delivered within 4 to 8 weeks – you may wonder why we have determined this window ? Answer is simple : it is the estimated time required to consolidate and optimize logistics costs to ensure our prices remain attractive to you

Can I ask for express delivery ?

Yes – just I ask for a quote and we will provide our best offer with our partner DHL

Can wines be delivered outside of Switzerland ?

Yes – we ship wines anywhere in the world where local regulations permit ; just I ask for a quote and we will provide our best offer with our partner DHL

Are taxes included in the price ?

Yes – For the deliveries in Switzerland, VAT and shipping costs are included in the price ; you pay as per indicated price, no hidden cost*

*does not apply to
international deliveries – shipment costs to calculate on a case by case basis, VAT as per local regulations

What are the accepted payment methods ?

You can choose to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, TWINT or by invoice in 1 or 3 settlements

Can I purchase single bottles ?

It depends – wines are available only as per indicated packing. While we do favor full cases, single bottles are available occasionally, more often large formats and ultra-rare items