Fine wine has emerged as one of the most trending alternative assets. Market readability and data-backed performance have unleashed what has been for centuries a well-kept secret, or for the least an insider’s privilege.

The word has now spread that investment grade wines are outperforming traditional market indices. Over the past 20 years, fine wine has demonstrated its resilience in the face of economic and political turmoil, yielding an 8% annualized return, ahead of the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones.

The great news is that the momentum is showing no signs of weakening. Limited production, rising demand and decline of supply create unique market conditions. With more and more newcomers investing in wine, the misbalance between offer and demand is bound to increase, continuing to push prices upwards.

Numbers aside, wine offers a unique opportunity to invest into something meaningful. Where some fear that the financialization of wine is overtaking a world of emotions and taste, we see cultural values providing another dimension to wealth.

No other asset can pride itself for its financial performance and for its sacred character. Wine is rooted in the history of civilization and, until the end times, irrespective of political borders and origins, will stand out as a unifying symbol of prestige, a symbol that can be shared and enjoyed throughout your life.

The Wine Investment
Virtuous Circle

Build your wealth and heritage with perpetual mechanism of growth

Investment grade wines

Investment grade wines are the exception rather than the norm. We nurture privileged relationships with reputable merchants to ensure access and provisioning of the exceptional.

We favor ex-Château provenance and direct estate allocations to comply with the highest quality standards. We embrace brands that hold a longstanding place of choice in the history and meet all # 6 characteristics that make them investment worthy.